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Ogo Evolution 1

The Ogo…

A new take on personal transportation.  An intuitive hands free control system, for freedom of movement and maximum independence!

Ogo is the only personal transportation system that fully integrates a unique active moving seat control system with the best of self balancing technology. It is not an add on kit. The unique active moving seat control system, not only moves with your body – making it intuitive to use, but allows you to do so…completely hands free!

When you are on the Ogo you are using your core or upper body to move, turn and stay in balance – something that has Occupational Therapists very excited. The user is able to move by simply leaning in the direction they want to travel.

By changing to the all-terrain wheels, the Ogo becomes an off road monster that can go just about anywhere. Able to tackle soft sand, gravel, rough terrain and inclines, the Ogo is smaller, lighter and faster than most other powered mobility devices.

It is the ultimate machine for accessibility and fun!


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