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Buying your Ogo

You can buy direct online through the Ogo Order Form!


Purchase Price: USD 16,995*


  • freight, ex NZ
  • import tariffs (if any)
  • customs clearance fees
  • locals sales / consumer tax (if any)

*For a limited time, the launch price will include the off road kit.


When your order is received, we will contact you to obtain further details to personalise your Ogo, check shipping details and answer any queries.

You will then be invoiced for the deposit of USD 1,000 to be deposited into our trust/escrow bank account.

When your deposit has been received, we will then confirm your order and queue your Ogo for assembly.

The balance of your purchase price, together with freight charges, will be invoiced to you on completion.

Your Ogo will be shipped on receipt of payment.

Note, you are responsible for payment of import duties (if any), customs fees, sales taxes- payable directly to your customs agent- your Ogo agent can help you with these. We can arrange for our shippers to act as your customs agent on request. 


  • An online instruction video will be available
  • If required agents will provide training and assistance on and after delivery.