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The Swift

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The Swift Electric Single Rider Adaptive Golf Cart for the golfer who may need assistance to pitch, hit and putt. Much more than a golf car, the Swift is your personal companion, transporting you comfortably and safely around the course and then it becomes your special platform to select your best hitting position.

Features and Benefits of the Swift:

  • Operates on greens and tees without damaging turf
  • Deluxe Adaptive captain seat swivels, extends forward, back and locks into position. Power lifts and lowers the player into position. This seat has a hydraulic lift on it and can actually put the user in a standing position if needed.
  • Standard Adaptive seat swivels, extends forward, backward and locks into position. Does not lift or lower
  • Play standing or sitting. Select the optimum seat position for you
  • Standard, intuitive ergonomic hand controls. Special Controls are available.
  • Powerful drive system easily climbs the steepest, roughest terrain on your course
  • Automotive suspension for a smooth, comfortable, stable ride
  • Options available to customise your cart to your personal tastes and needs

The Swift electric single rider provides the player maximum flexibility for selecting an optimum hitting position. The seat swivels, slides and locks, permitting the player to pitch, drive and putt from a seated position.

The Swift single rider steering is by a handle bar sized to minimize steering effort without intruding on the rider’s comfort as the seat is swiveled or advanced. Forward, backward and travel speed are set by a comfortable “wig wag” which can be placed for right or left hand preference. Speed across the ground is proportional to control input. Releasing the “wig wag” slows and stops the car. A separate mechanical handbrake is provided as well.

The Swift electric single rider features a low center of gravity and wide wheel stance for maximum stability. Acceleration and maximum speed are factory set to assure safe operation. The suspension is compliant for a comfortable, jounce free ride and limits lean when turning like a good sports car. The dead man control stops the cart when the “wig wag” is released and the automatic parking brake prevents rolling. Seat belts are standard and should always be used.

The Swift Electric Single Rider was designed for the golf environment. It can also be driven as your personal super scooter that will safely and comfortably transport you on or off pavement, trails or help you landscape your property.


See the Swift ALLMobile in action below: