Maintaining your FourStar Cruiser batteries.


How are your batteries being charged? 

A good charging regime needs to be adhered to in order to maximise the life and capacity of your batteries.

Make sure you follow these six simple steps:

-Keep your batteries charged as much as possible.

-Charge them as soon as practically possible after playing.

-Always use the supplied charger.

-Charge for 6-7 hours after playing 18 holes of golf.

-Perform a maintenance charge of 3-4 hours if the cruiser has not been used for 2-3 weeks.

-Use a timer switch to prevent overcharging.

Feel free to call us on (02) 8897 5374 if you have any questions regarding charging your batteries or if you have any other questions about your FourStar Golf Cruiser.


  1. Peter Pedersen says:

    Hi, I’ve just had to buy new batteries after my 4-star was not used for 12 months. Originally, I was under the impression that they to be charged for at least 10 hours but your advice above is for 6-7 hours. Which should I follow?
    Cheers PP

    1. EVO says:

      Hi Peter, thanks for your enquiry. Please follow the instructions as advised above to ensure your batteries perform at their peak. If you have a long break from using your trike you should charge the batteries every 3 – 4 weeks for 3 – 4 hours. Don’t forget to use a timer switch so as not to over-charge.
      Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions.. we can be reached on tel. 02 8897 5374

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