The next generation of iBOT® Personal Mobility Device is here:
Reach. Climb. Go.

If an ATV had a quieter, smarter cousin, its name would be iBOT® PMD. iBOT® PMD engages all four of its large drive wheels while automatically keeping your seat level. This opens up all sorts of varied terrain, so you can go way beyond your typical backyard exploration. Hills and inclines are everywhere. Dirt, mud, gravel, snow – the world is covered with the stuff. You can explore it all in an iBOT® PMD.



The iBOT® PMD utilizes advanced electronics, sensors, battery technology, and software so you can go where you want to go. Barriers to accessibility are too common out in the world. Overcome them with an iBOT® PMD.

Terrain Following: Maintain your seat angle automatically when going up and down slopes in 4-wheel mode.

Eye Level: Interact with others and move at standing height.

Stair Climbing: Depending on your ability, ascend and descend stairs independently or with the help of a trained assistant.

Remote: Simplify transfers by operating the iBOT® PMD when not seated in it. Great for moving the iBOT® PMD near a bed or couch, and for getting in and out of a motor vehicle.

Integrated Design: Sealed electronics, batteries, and motors mean your travels don’t need to stop just because of a little rain or standing water.

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