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Buying your Ogo


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You can buy online direct via the Ogo Reservation Form
Purchase Price: USD 16,995*


  • freight, ex NZ
  • import tariffs (if any)
  • customs clearance fees
  • locals sales / consumer tax (if any)


A Device Configuration Notice acknowledging your reservation will be sent and a Reservation Bond of $1,000 will be invoiced to you. Your reservation will then be confirmed and the production of your OGO prioritised.

Once full certification has been obtained and a formal sale agreement is concluded, you will be sent a Final Price Sheet which will include the purchase price (less any reservation bond) together with freight, import fees, customs fees and insurance if applicable.

The final invoice will be sent to you for payment in full within 5 days, before we dispatch your Ogo from the assembly plant.

Your Reservation Bond is refundable in the event a formal sale agreement is not concluded and/or the OGO cannot be supplied (see Ogo Purchase Order Agreement the terms of which will apply to any future sales contract).

Click HERE for Ogo Terms of Reservation


  • An online instruction video will be available
  • If required agents will provide training and assistance on and after delivery.