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Accessories for the Omeo


Omeo Travel Bag

Carefully designed for protecting your Omeo when travelling and shipping. This will fit the Omeo with both Standard and Off-Road wheels.


Omeo Off-Road Carry Case

Easy to use, stylish carry case to store your off-road tires and mudguards.

Sheepskin Seat Cover

Comes in two pieces;
Back rest cover $175.oo AUD
and Seat cover $150.oo AUD.
Available in grey or black.



The easiest and fastest way to load,
unload and transport your Omeo.
Click on the picture for more information.


Trilift Bracket

A bracket fitted to your Omeo if
using the Trilift as your means of


Tilt Carrier

A tilting aluminium all-purpose carrying rack that allows you to carry your Omeo. Click on the picture for more information.

Railblaza Accessories

Every Omeo is fitted with a Railblaza Starport which allows you to attach all sorts of accessories from mobile phone holders, camera mounts to fishing rod holders. The range is extensive and accessories can be purchased from EVO Lordco. Additional Star Ports can be added to your Omeo for mounting many different products.
Click HERE to see the Railblaza catalogue.


Loading Ramps

For wheeling the Omeo up to your vehicle or trailer. Comes in two different lengths; 180cm long $115.00ea for low vehicles and 225cm long $120.00ea for high vehicles.