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FourStar Customisation

The FourStar Cruiser is available in the following models:

  • FourStar Golf Cruiser
  • FourStar Police Cruiser
  • FourStar Security Cruiser
  • FourStar Paramedic Cruiser
  • FourStar General Purpose Cruiser
  • FourStar Warehouse Cruiser

EVO can supply your FourStar Cruiser with body panels in green, black, white, blue, red, yellow and orange, and also supply professional logos, signage and striping to suit your organisation’s image and requirements.

In addition to outright purchase, EVO is able to provide attractive finance and leasing options. In multi-vehicle situations such as commercial applications, golf and sports clubs, theme and amusement parks, very profitable income returns can be achieved, which also cover acquisition, operation and maintenance costs. Please ask us to give you an example – you will be amazed at how profitable it can be!