WheelAIR  – a supportive cooling backrest cushion for wheelchair use.

It is no secret that wheelchair users are often uncomfortable due to their long-lasting seated position, non-fitting cushions or certain health conditions. By working together with wheelchair users, producers, and Paralympic athletes, WheelAir has been created – a cushion that improves your posture and keeps you cool.. and looks good doing it!

WheelAIR is a battery-powered airflow back-rest cushion carefully designed with the input of Paralympic athletes to be cooling and more supportive. Through a combination of function and effortlessly stylish (and silent) design, users have experienced a drop in both back and core temperature, heavily reducing effects of overheating.

Available in 4 widths to fit all active lightweight rigid and folding wheelchairs with a canvas backrest.


Features & Benefits of the WheelAIR:

Cools the back and core within seconds
Adjustable Cooling
Offers extra lateral support
User Friendly and rain proof
Easy to attach and detach with velcro
Reduces heat and moisture build-up
Machine washable at 40ÂşC
Easy to Install
Made to fit all active lightweight wheelchairs

Technical Features:

4 Cooling levels
Up to 20h battery life
Indicates battery level
Rechargeable with USB port
Weighs under 1kg
Uses viscoelastic foams and breathable, anti-bacterial fabrics which are sweat and urine resistant
Fits frames of 300mm – 400mm height and available in 4 widths: 300mm – 330mm – 360mm – 390mm


Information regarding wheelchair users overheating:
Outdoor activity and particularly on warm to hot days can lead to heatstroke for wheelchair users, especially when playing sports like basketball, rugby and athletics, so staying cool with normal body temperature is important.
Generally, it’s not until somewhere around T4 in a spinal cord injury that a person’s temperature control is broken.  So, breaks below that tend to have a ‘normal’ temperature control. It is, however, a major issue for high-level paraplegics and tetraplegics.  This is the main area of usage for the WheelAir backrest cooling cushion, and for some people, this could be invaluable – giving more range and time outside.
To read more about wheelchair users overheating, click here:-


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