IM4 Roadster/Zippy Tug

The i-m4 Roadster/Zippy Tug is an electric single seat off road mobility buggy and is kitted out with front and rear lights.
Safe towing capacity of 500kg plus person • Ride-on electric powered tug • Lithium battery powered with charger. The Zippy Tug/IM4 Roadster has a sleek design similar to that of a 4 wheel quad bike. It is fully electric, simple to drive and will make those tasks that are normally arduous a pleasure to complete. The Zippy can be adapted to many applications from towing a trailer or bins, to using in schools, hospitals, retirement villages and nursing homes.

Technical Specifications

Body & Chassis

  • Front and rear headlights
  • Front and rear indicator lights
  • Steel frame construction
  • Strong fibreglass body
  • Rust protected powder coated steel work
  • Easy battery access
  • Range of colours available


  • Motor 36V 1200 watt permanent magnetism
  • Lithium Battery with Charger 
  • Throttle mounted speed switch High (19Km/h) Low (6.4Km/h)
  • Recharge time 6-8 hours
  • Maximum travel distance 50Km
  • Curtis Controller 1227-3402 DC36V/160A
  • Curtis Connector – Throttle controlled
  • Hall accelerator continuous variable speed system


  • Length 49.5” (127.7cm)
  • Width 32.5” (82.6cm)
  • Height 42” (106.7cm)
  • Height folded 31” (78.7cm)
  • With quick seat release seat system 25” (635cm), 27” (685cm) or 29” (736cm)
  • Minimal ground clearance 4.5” (11cm)


  • One person seating capacity
  • Carrying capacity 200kg
  • Weight 178kg with batteries, 100kg without batteries
  • Maximum speed 12-19km/h
  • Slope climbing capacity 30 degrees
  • Turning radius adjustable up to < 3m
  • Forward & reverse console mounted

Other features

  • Helix spring shock absorbers
  • Tyres: 32.5cm x 15cm 4 ply tyres
  • Japanese wheel bearings
  • Electromagnetic braking system
  • Full range of optional accessories available