Harmar Vehicle Lifts

Harmar Vehicle Lifts are designed to safely transport a power chair, scooter, or manual wheelchair on a vehicle.

The specific lift you choose depends on the combination of vehicle, hitch class, mobility device, and your physical capabilities.
Vehicles range from compacts to full-size cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks. Each offers different weight capacities and interior space, affecting the mobility device it can carry and whether the mobility device can fit inside the vehicle or outside.
Auto lifts are designed with varying degrees of automation from manual to partially automated to fully automatic securement and lifting. The user should feel comfortable and capable of handling whatever that specific lift style requires.

Hoists and inside lifts are mounted in the vehicle’s cargo area with a hoist mechanism that swings outside the vehicle to load and lift the mobility device into the vehicle.

An outside auto lift is attached to the vehicle by means of a hitch and consists of an actuator and platform which secures and carries the mobility device on the back of the vehicle.

Hybrid Lifts are mounted in the vehicle’s cargo area but are designed to move out and down so that the mobility device is loaded onto the platform on the ground.s.

Outlander, Backpacker, and Commander lifts. The Paragon Series from Harmar.