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FourStar Owner’s Workshop Manual

We have a comprehensive Owner’s workshop manual available for owners of FourStar Cruisers.

This manual is available free of charge for people who have purchased a FourStar Cruiser from Electric Vehicles Oceania or one of our approved dealers or distributors. Please email your proof of purchase with a request for your copy of the Owner’s workshop manual to info@lordco.net.au. A free copy will also be provided with all new purchases of a FourStar Cruiser.

A copy of the Owner’s workshop manual is available to be purchased for $45.00 (digital copy, emailed to you), or $55.00 (copy on a USB flash drive, posted anywhere in Australia). Prices include GST.

Manual includes information on the following:

  • User Manual
  • Battery Configuration
  • Recommended maintenance products
  • Throttle lights
  • Changing the throttle
  • Changing the switches
  • Changing the controller
  • Installation of the lithium battery pack
  • Adjusting the chain
  • Gearbox information
  • Gearbox oil
  • Brake maintenance
  • Trouble shooting
  • Safe operation guide
  • FourStar dimensions

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