“Since January 2020 my IM-4 is still going strong. I ride on hilly footpaths to the course (1.2 km),¬†play the round of golf (18 holes on the very hilly Wakehurst course) and ride home and still have 80% charge. The cart is the envy of all my golf partners and the only one (and I mean only one) that will do a round at Wakehurst (no to Parmaker, Grasshopper etc) The IM-4 with the new more powerful motor¬†and superior battery strength (3 x 75 AHr¬†Batteries) as well as 800 cm wide tyre¬†track,¬†is undoubtedly in a class of its own. There isn’t anywhere an EZY-GO or similar¬†two person cart can go on the course, hills, fairways and rough.”

Tim – Balgowlah, Sydney, Australia. 2021.

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